The Mission Covenant Church of Norway

The Mission Covenant Church of Norway (Misjonskirken Norge) is a national, free and evangelical denomination with local churches in Norway. We are focusing on the development of vibrant, growing, local churches and unity among christians.

We are a denomination comprising of about 80 local churches in Norway and about 11 000 members. Our youth department is called Misjonskirken UNG.

We are a mainstream, forward thinking free, evangelical Norwegian church when it comes to style and theology. In Norway we are a member of The Christian Council of Norway.

We are also a mission movement, involved in ministry on four continents. We are part of International Federation of Free Evangelical Churches (, which is an umbrella for several churches in Europe, America and Asia.

Our name in other languages:

  • Spanish: La Iglesia del Pacto Evanǵelico de Noruega
  • French: Eglise Évangélique de Norvége


President: Pastor Siri

Leader International department: Mr. Jon-Arne

Contact information – Head Office:


Post address: Christian Krohg g 34. N-0186 Oslo, Norway